For most of my life (as a photographer that is), I preferred to shoot in overcast or hazy sky types of weather. In fact if it was sunny, I would find something else to do. I simply did not like the extreme shadows, and harsh contrasts of direct sunlight. Also, I noticed that in most of the black and white photographs and photographers that I was interested in, they always seemed to have these gray mid-tone sky tones that made a distinct impression on my developing psyche. So that was that. Bright sunlight was out. However since moving to Florida, I had to come to terms with shooting in sunlight because for one very important reason, that is why I moved here.  At first, I thought I would just change my technique so that I could avoid those bright shadows. Shoot indoors, more portraits, nighttime photography—everything but shooting outdoors in the sun came to mind—but alas not of it was satisfying so I just bit the bullet and figured out why I felt this way. I mean, after all many good photographers had absolutely no problem with this type of light.

As usual, it struck me one night as I lay in bed sound asleep. Wham! It was simple, just embrace it and make it part of your life. I mean I lived down here so that I may enjoy the sun and warmth, so why avoid it in photographs. My life is my work so shooting in bright sun is part of my statement—my life so just go with it.

That is what I was doing last week at Hollywood Beach when I came across this scene. it would have never worked if it had been overcast or hazy.

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