Vermont 2010

I have always had problems making good photographs in Vermont. I suppose it is just too pretty. Somewhere along the way, I decided that “pretty pictures” is not what was for me. If it has to do with expressing yourself, I guess I tend to be cynical and a bit gritty so I look for different subjects. Photography for me is an expression of how I feel about things. For instance many years ago as my first marriage was breaking up, I noticed that all of my photographs were about people alone. It did not take much of an imagination to figure out where my head was back then.

I still take pictures of people alone but it is different now. First of all, it is not the sum of my work. Second of all it is just one of the 20 themes that I have going on concurrently. Now it is a subject—not a portal to my brain. Funny thing about loneliness though is that it is no longer a negative feeling for me these days. Now I kind of like it.

That is probably why I like Vermont. There are no people to speak of. When you actually run into someone, there is minimal chit chat and on you go. Its not really a lonely place—more of a quiet one and that suits me fine. This photograph is of a pizza place about 10 miles outside of Swanton. It is near a gas station and there is not a single home in sight. Ya, Vermont can be a lonely place.

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