Skinny Girl

Skinny Girl With Pink

Funny how people look at pictures. It’s personal—very personal. I sort of noticed this one from a while ago but it did not click. However there was something about her shoulder blades and pink strap that caught my attention. It was almost like a sort of fetish except that I am not attracted to skinny women. I guess that gets me off the hook. In any case, I did take notice. This was taken at one of my favorite haunts—Hollywood Beach in Florida. It was a shitty day when I noticed her. I followed her for a while. and then I just lost interest after about 5 minutes. When I got home I sort of noticed it and I just couldn’t put it away. About three weeks later I started looking at it and it kept growing on me and there you go. Somewhere in the back of my skull, I saw something. As for the casual viewer who visits this page , perhaps not but as I said, pictures are very personal.

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