Fanta Girls: Rome 2006

This photograph was taken on the day I discovered the Piazza di Popolo in Rome. We have visited this lovely city on many occasions. Usually, when we go somewhere for the first time we do the major sites but I am slowly (actually hastily) growing tired of this routine. The problem is tourists (which includes myself) that seem to pollute most of the places I visit. Unlike Sharon and I. who comprise a total of two tourists, the rest of them are comprised of mass hordes of wandering people in large groups being led by a guide holding up a plastic rose on an umbrella so that these wandering numb nuts know where to follow him to the next destination. It might be fine for them but they interfere with my photos all the time as they aimlessly wander in front of my camera. (It might make an interesting theme however.)

So much for lemmings. The Piazza di Popolo is situated at the intersection of three streets near the Villa Borghese (a beautiful park). Although the tourists invade this part of the city as much as the rest of Rome, on this day it was just a quiet Sunday the streets leading to the pizza were closed to cars, and people mostly local were just hanging out. All three of these streets converge on a round piazza and at the center were these very attractive women handing out free samples of Fanta orange drinks.

I had overlooked this photo for the past 6 years but since there is nothing going on today in my life,  I have been going over old photos looking for lost gems. I think this is one of them.

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