We just got back from Italy 24 hours ago. I am still pretty messed up with the jet-lag—I suppose it takes longer to get over it as I get a bit older but in any case it sucks. Going the other way (to Europe) is much easier. All you have to do is land, bugger-on through the day and you will have  good sleep. the next day is perfect. Not quite so easy going home.

In any case Puglia, was nice, Calabria, was nice and Lazio (all Italian provinces) was a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be the least interesting but I was wrong. The best part was the lack of tourists. We stayed on the beach in a town near Latina which is about an hour from Rome. It was off-season so the place was dead. So off we went motoring to a town nearby called Sermoneta which is one of those medieval villages encroached on a mountain top and has not changed in centuries.

Today I suddenly realized that most of the pictures I took would look better in black and white so I thought I would post one to test the waters. Strange how ideas come to me. This one happened just before I got up this morning at 4:30. 4:30!—fucking jet-lag

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