Mr. Meyers

Why this picture? First of all it is of Mr. Meyers who own Meyer’s Luggage store on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. Since we just arrived in Florida last night, I thought it would be nice to put up a photo taken in Florida. It took this one about three years ago when we were looking for a carry-on bag. I had passed this one for years and had never gone in but this time… There was Mr. Meyers and his wife who were totally decrepit but still carrying on running this place. I expected the stock to have been dated from the last millenia but it was all up-to-date. While selecting the bag, he ranted on about crime, miserable youth, commies etc.— a typical Florida conversation. He would wag his finger at me and rave about horrible deeds both imagined and real. I wondered if I would ever end up like this. I am getting on and who knows—there si still time to fall apart.

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