Drunk Couple, New Years 2006

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was updating my web site (www.dsaxe.com). I had come up with the idea of showing men and women alone and together and how their bodies change depending on who they are with. Since I take thousands of photographs, some of them must be good, and some are good enough to assemble into these themes that I come up with. I have always been attracted to certain subjects and couples have been one of them You might say these photographs are mostly about me than the other way around.. I know some photographers if not most, come up with their themes in advance and then go out to find the photographs to fit their theory but I have a small problem with this.

1. It seems a bit constipated. I mean if you go out “looking for something”, the passion of discovery—of actually stumbling on something is missing.

2. If you are actually looking for something specific (to fit your theme), you most often just miss what is really out there.

So I am a bit old fashioned—big deal! This photograph was taken in West Palm Beach on New Years eve, 2006. I am not a big New Years Eve guy. (In fact I hate it. I hate any event where people feel they HAVE to do something. Why can’t they feel like that all the time.) So there I was alone and bored in a shopping center in Florida and this couple pissed to shit was slobbering and dragging their drunken asses across the floor. It was early in my digital career but I swiftly realized that these cameras can shoot in low light—much better than film so I snapped a few. As the band played on and I moved on to something else. This photograph actually shows up in many of my projects. It shows up in my “drink” series, my “nighttime” series, and now on my” men+women” group. As I said, I do not limit myself to looking for “one thing only”. As Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “You have to be receptive.”

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