Cool Dude

cool dude


One night in New Orleans—a few years ago—stumbling back to the hotel on the other side of Canal Street, these guys were playing for coins to a large crowd. The band was good and the guy in the white shirt sure could move. he was Mr. Cool himself as he moved amongst the young women in the crowd and selected one or two to dance with him. He was dancing with this asian woman for a while and then, pause and lit up. I must have shot about 30 frames of this guy and when I got home—SHIT! All the pictures had this color sign “FOOT LOCKER” behind them. Couldn’t these guys find a a better wall? The background spoiled the pictures—all of them—at least for me. I tries but gave up eventually, it was just futile. Whatever I tried, all I could see was that fucking sign behind them.

Five years later, I gave it another go. I tried working in Black and White which I thought might help subdue that brilliant red sign and it seemed to work. It only took me about and hour or two of trial and error to bring it around. There is nothing like perseverance—and patience!

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