Nun on a Train From Milan: 2007



It was a long day in Milan and we were returning by train to our hotel in Brescia which was about and hour or two away. Clickety clack and I fell asleep. That is what trains do to me. Clickety clack and I fall asleep. Usually these are very pleasant sleeps. It is the rhythm of the trains that just puts me in a stupor.

Half way home, I awoke and noticed this nun sitting across from me. I subtly aimed my camera in her direction  and snapped just one shot before I drifted off again. I always liked this image. I liked it for what it said to me and also for technological reasons. A year or two later, I became curious about enlarging digital images beyond what they were supposed to be. I had bought some software that enabled me to blow them up and I was eager to try so I used this image. I enlarged it to 24×36 sent it out to a lab and it was returned to me. It was great. I pinned it up to my wall in my studio and it is still there today. After that, I never had any doubts about digital film. In my mind, It was equal in every way to film.

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