Shameless Promotion


The photo above is of Donald who I met in a bar a few years ago in Houston. It is one of the photographs in self-published a book  called “Along the Way” consisting of portraits I have made of strangers who I had a brief interaction with. Most of the time, my photographs are of people who are unaware of being photographed but every now and then, contact is made. Sometimes, it is because I have approached them, and on other occasions it is the other way around. I have found that people sometimes approach my for a variety of reasons. They might be lonely, curious, or just friendly. Al;though many years ago, I avoided these encounters because I thought my cover was blown, over the years I have welcomed them because I now know that there is more to taking pictures than the images themselves. The experience is just as rewarding.

It is a bit pricey ($110.00) because it is hardcover and printed individually, instead of a run of 1000 or more which cuts the price down considerably but if you wish, you can download a pdf of this book for $14.99 If interested, you can click on the link below.

Along the Way by David Saxe

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