L1083087Things are always changing. When I first began to take photography seriously, I always looked for cloudy overcast days. At that time, I only shot black and white and the blank white sky on a sunny day (yes, I know it was blue, but it always came out white) bothered me. The shadows were harsh, The sky lacked detail, and the range between highlights and shadows was always to large. The truth is if I know  a lot more than I did, I probably could have worked with it. The rule was to expose for the highlights and the shadows would take care of themselves but they never did. I shot Tri-X, liked the contrast and that was a bad combination for that film. I could always use Panatomic -X, but nobody ever used it, and I did not want to start any trends.

These digital days are different. I love shooting in color and working it. I brighten the color, change the tone a bit and voila! In fact I now dread those cloudy days and only shoot when the sun is out. Well, not really—but most of the time. It really does not matter about the weather anymore because I shoot according to what the light is like—I am just looking at different things.

Most of the time, I try not to expect anything when I am out shooting. I just go with it and hope for the best and that seems to work. If I falter and try to look for something special, I come up short, all the time—no exceptions so these days taking photographs has become more of a mental discipline. I think  howe I am feeling is  just as important as what I am looking at.

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