Thoughts on photographing during Daytona Bike Week.



Bike week can be exhausting and when it is hot, it takes its toll. This year I made two decisions when I came back for a second round at Daytona. 1. Wear a hat. 2. Drink beer.

1. Wearing a hat was a no-brainer. Since I don’t have much hair left on top, I noticed last year that I was burning and then had to seek refuge in shady areas. Not a bad idea, however the shots I were looking for happened to be where the sun shone, so I had to make some choices. I chose sunburn and went to bed with a headache every night. This year I bought a black Harley cap.

2. Drink beer. This one was more complicated. Last year, I noticed that a lot of the action was in the vast outdoor bars that litter the place.  Thats where the action was—that’s where I thought I should be and just walking around with a camera, was sort of odd. I did not think I really blended much and so this year I thought I could deal with a few issues by drinking beer. I could keep hydrated sort of and I look as if I belonged sort of. To stay sober, I only drank Bud Light which did not taste so bad—it almost tasted like beer. Hanging around with a can in my hand also slowed me down and I could wait for the right shots. (Patience has always been a problem with me).

So here I was, in a bar, drinking beer and I saw this cleaning woman having her lunch in the bathroom of this gigantic outdoor bar. I saw here sitting there, lonely, outside of the action and it had a sort of sad feeling.

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