Lonely Woman


A few weeks ago in Montreal, my wife and I decided to have a late lunch at one of our favorites haunts— a bistro in Outremont by the name of Chez Leveque. We like to sit side by side and we were seated facing this woman as she was finishing her lunch. She was a ‘regular” because the waiters seemed to know her very well. My guess was that this was her Saturday afternoon routine—a lunch, a cigarette, a drink and a slow passing of the afternoon. I really wanted to take her picture but without appearing too obvious, I just had to wait for my moment. Eventually, a small child, impatient with the lunch routine, started wandering around the place and eventually ended up between me and this woman. I picked up my camera and started shooting a few shots of the little brat. The woman noticed me and I saw that with my left eye as I shot pictures of the little kid. Eventually, the kid went away and I continued shooting this woman who no longer was aware that I was still taking her picture.

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