Patience may be a virtue


Everybody has their own style in taking photographs. And included in that style are “sub styles” which further define a photographers mark. For instance, I like documentary photography or what is commonly known as “street photography”. Although I am not entirely comfortable with that term, that is what I do, whenever I have a camera with me. Most of the time (99%) I include a person in my photographs. That is my style, that is what I do. Within that style is how I work and how I get the photographs that I get. It is not very complicated. I am a ‘walker”. I move along a certain path or street and when I find something interesting, I stop, shoot, and move on. Other people are more patient. They see a place that they like, they stop, and they wait for the right picture to come into their frame—and then raise their camera and shoot. I am to impatient for that—or so I thought.

Last year at Daytona Bike Week, I spotted this alley near a bar and loved the light so much, I uncharacteristically decided to stop, wait and see what happened. I did this for about 15 minutes and too perhaps about 20 shots. People were coming and going, and then suddenly this couple start to hug and things jumped into place.

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