Sam’s Balcony

Sam's Balcony

Balcony at Sam’s. Montreal, July, 2010
When I moved from Montreal to Vermont way back in the last century, I found it difficult to stay away for too long. It took only an hour and a half to drive there  so once or twice a month, I would head up, hang out with my friend Sam, chat, and drink lots of tea and then meet up with Sharon for dinner. It was a routine that played itself our for over 20 years. I always had a camera with me and over those years, I took some of my best pictures in his apartment. When I took this one, I almost decided not to bring a camera at all. We were going to some event that night, and I thought it might be a bit inconvenient. However I knew from experience, that when I went anywhere without a camera, there is always a missed opportunity so I brought along a small Leica X1, which could fit in my pocket. It was a hot, July day and as I was leaving, I noticed the hallway door to the balcony was open for air passage and stepped outside. Voila!


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