Croatian Wedding. Porec, Croatia

I have always been aware of the fact that when I am wandering around the streets of any place taking photos, that I am drawn to certain places, people, symbols, etc. I seem to do it over and over and I have come to the conclusion that my photographs have as much to say about myself as they do about what I ma photographing.

One of these “recurring” themes are weddings. I don’t really like weddings or at least attending them. They are noisy, the food is bad, and half the people attending really have no interest for me. I suppose I am a bit of a curmudgeon. On the other hand, I love crashing weddings when I stumble upon them on my travels. This one was in a small town in Porec˘ a lovely spot on the Istrian Peninsula on the Adriatic.As I was walking around, I noticed a wedding happening in this small church. I did not go in but waited on the outside and noticed this little girl running back and forth. She was really excited by the whole thing so I followed her as she grabbed a handful of rice and ran outside the gates where the rest of the party was waiting for the bride and groom.

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