Fritz: Williston, VT 2005
This is a recent shot of one of my British Shorthairs. Fritz always walks up the stairs on the right, at the top, shifts to the left and curls his tail araound as he turns left. He does this every time. One day i followed him up the stairs and saw the shot, only I did not have my camera with me at the time. I loaded my camera, picked him up went down to the bottom of the stairs and set him down. As always he walked up the very same way and I shot a few frames as he turned the corner.

Havana Resturant: West Palm Beach, FL 2003 Posted by Hello

When I am in Florida, I pass this place all the time. It is on the corner of Forest Hill and Dixie Highway. There is always a group of people at the fast food window. Sometimes I drive by at 7:00 AM and there is a group hanging out. Sometimes at midnight. It doesn’t really matter. I guess that means good food so Sharon and I dropped in one night after a movie. The food was excellent. Like the sign says, best Cuban food in town.

Vaux le Viscomte: Near Paris. 2004 Posted by Hello

In the 17th century, Fouquet served as finance minister to Louis XVI. He was a bit of an embezzler (as was common in those days) but he really went over the top by inviting the king for a visit one weekend. The king who was struggling to pay his debts from the Thirty years War was shocked to see this place and knowing (or guessing) where the money came from, threw the guy in jail for the rest of his life.

Felix: Montreal 1983 Posted by Hello

Way back in the 1980’s I worked as a medical photographer at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. Everybody who has ever worked anywhere long enough says “I want to write a book about this place”. Not being much of a writer, pictures seemed to be the weapon of choice. During the course of 18 years, I managed to photograph most of the employees for a personal project that never went anywhere. Felix was one of them. He worked as a maintenance technician in the heating area and regularely visted my studio. Eventually he retired, but still managed to visit me from time to time and hang out for a while. This picture was taken in a stairwell as we passed each other on my way to the operating room.