I haven’t been up to much these days so there is little to post regarding my recent work. It is difficult to come up with anything because the weather has been just great. Always sunny—which is good for living but bad for photography. Actually sunlight works in Florida because that is all you get but overall I prefer cloudy days—less harsh shadows. But as I was aging, I have been inactive—and loving it. It is good to take a few weeks/month off from time to time. For the most part, I have been dreaming up new projects and planning my website update. I don’t really dream up projects from scratch. I usually just go over my better images and see what pops up. Once a reviewer suggested doing it the other way but I could not really find  a reason to listen to him. It seemed kind of anal, and I think he just needed something to say because he was a reviewer and they are supposed to say things to you. So he suggested thinking up a project first and then going out to take the pictures. If I told him I did it that way he would have suggested getting projects from my body of work”. Sometimes I think most of them are full of shit. So here I am thinking of projects from my work and these themes have sprung up in no order of preference. Blacks (Go Obama!), little people (not midgets—shots of people from long distances), body parts, and people one meets along the way (close encounters). I have dallied with some of them before but they just keep coming back to “haunt” me so I have another look. Oh ya, I am still fooling around with landscapes—ˆ always have but this time I am trying to put a decisively American edge to them.

The picture above was taken in Portugal (Lisbon) about 4 or 5 years ago. It was sunset and for a brief moment there was nobody on the street except this women in a pharmacy getting stuff. It has nothing to do with the above but I needed something to put up because nobody just wants to read anymore.