This one is also from the “women” section of my web site ( A few years ago, I was at a Gay Pride festival in Lake Worth Florida and I spotted this woman dressed as a domenitrix (or something). She was standing off to the corner of the field practicing with her whip, taking swats at the air.

“Excuse me miss, may I take your picture?’ She looks at me with a disdained expression an after a small pauseā€¦

“Yes. You may.”

And that was it.

Woman (and men) come in all forms. This is probably the best part for me when I photograph people because everyone is different. I could not begin to imagine a world where everyone is the same. It would be unbearable. Sometimes the extremes can be interesting and certainly as a photographer, one is attracted to these extremes. In my “woman” series I try to cover the whole range and this shot probably is at one end of the spectrum.

I snapped a few and that was as it. What else is there to say.