I look at a lot of photographs these days. I cannot help it because the web is saturated with photography—both good and bad. Sometimes you see an image and like it immediately—it just sucks you in. Other times you look at a photo, and you are puzzled—you just cannot connect with what the photographer is trying to say, that is until you read the paragraph(s) below which explain it all and you go “oh ya” and that is it. It is more intellectual than passionate. Personally, I am not fond of those photographs because if the purpose has to be explained, that is another step which separates the photographer and the viewer. Appreciation in my mind should be immediate and that is all there is to it.

You may either like or dislike the photograph above. No explanation is needed. In my mind, I want the viewer to either like it or not immediately—sans statement. Sometimes I can comment on how the picture was made, or why it was made, but what it is about is solely at the discretion of the viewer. I want the viewer to make up their own story because in my mind, that is what photography is about.


Skinny Girl With Pink

Funny how people look at pictures. It’s personal—very personal. I sort of noticed this one from a while ago but it did not click. However there was something about her shoulder blades and pink strap that caught my attention. It was almost like a sort of fetish except that I am not attracted to skinny women. I guess that gets me off the hook. In any case, I did take notice. This was taken at one of my favorite haunts—Hollywood Beach in Florida. It was a shitty day when I noticed her. I followed her for a while. and then I just lost interest after about 5 minutes. When I got home I sort of noticed it and I just couldn’t put it away. About three weeks later I started looking at it and it kept growing on me and there you go. Somewhere in the back of my skull, I saw something. As for the casual viewer who visits this page , perhaps not but as I said, pictures are very personal.