Who the hell knows what goes on in people’s lives? I sure don’t. For all I know, this couple could be breaking up. It sure looks that way. I never noticed this shot until about an hour ago. I had taken it last October while I was in London but had dismissed it for some obscure reason that escapes me at this moment. Why I was suddenly looking at it again after almost a year is because I was recently in New York and when I got home, after looking at all my photographs that I had taken, there was not one (yes, perhaps there might have been only one) that I thought was any good. That one was the last shot that I had taken in two days of shooting but that is another story.

So, feeling depressed, inadequate, and forgotten, my thoughts turned to shots of yesteryear to see if I had any juice left or were my best years behind me. Critics often say this about artists as they get older. I think it has a lot to do with critics running out of things to say instead of artists getting older. I guess they are really talking about themselves. If my best years were behind me, my career peaked sometime during the first two weeks of September in 2010 when I took this shot.

In any case, here was this couple looking as if the bottom had fallen out of their lives and it occurred to me today that this might only be one of many possibilities. ¬†For all I know, they could have paused in their conversation to see what they are going to do next like “Where do you want to go for dinner, dear?” or something like that. Photographs can deceive. So can one’s head.

Perhaps my best years are still ahead. Depression sucks!