As a photographer, I am attracted to certain themes—nothing really special— just certain things which seem to grab me. One of them is looking down at people or things from above, and the other is of lovers. there is probably a connection between the two. In both cases , the subject is usually unaware of being photographed. People below me hardly look up and people kissing are looking at each other. What is odd (at least to me) is that in this photograph, I have combined the two themes into one picture. It usually never works that way.

So, there I was in Paris a few years ago, lunch was over, and I had a slight wine buzz and things were sweet—very sweet! We were walking through les Tuileries and at the far end toward the Arc de Triumph, the walkway on the side of the garden gently rises to overlook the main area in the center. This is a beautiful design and also perfect for me to look down. I come here often when I am in Paris to do just that. Of course there are floods of lovers caressing each other but I also like this spot for some of the other photographs that I have taken from here. Children playing, solitary women talking on cellphones, brides posing for photographs—this is a people-watching paradise.

Initially, I passed over this image but a year later while looking through my “garbage file”, I re-discovered this one. On second thought, I thought it might look good in black and white but after a few moments I decided to mute the colors and as the  French say—Voila!