Hopefully I will get off my ass sometime in the near future and update my web page. I had this idea that the body language of men and women was distinctly different from each other and when the are together, it changes again and they seem to be a bit closer to something more in common. Not being a big fan of artists statements, I am sure it will take me some time to write it up in a more intelligent manner but this will do for a start. The idea is that when women are alone , they give off visual clues via their poses and body language and of course men do the same. When they are together, these signals change. This theme has probably been in my brain for years since I have always been photographing women from the rear. I do the same with men but not as often.  There are probably a few reasons for this. The first is the shape of the hips, the curves, they are often perfect. The other is because they are unaware of being photographed and thus more natural. I also shoot men (and couples) from the rear for the same reasons. In any case, the photographs in the series are definitely not all shot from behind, I photograph people from all directions.

It was in Tropea, in southern Italy where I stumbled (I stumble on everything) upon her at sunset. Everybody in this town assembles at this small piazza overlooking the sea to watch the sun set. She was with some friends with a glass of wine in-hand and she struck this very relaxed pose. I notices her hip jutting out in the perfect curve and got of two frames before she moved. When I looked at it as I was editing my photographs, I was struck by the simplicity of it—the utter subtle eroticism (at least for me) that this middle-aged women presented and my idea for this series began to take shape. I started looking over images from the past few years of women in their subtle feminine beauty and men in their manly-macho posturing and it seemed to all come together. At the same time, while looking at these photographs, I noticed that when I took photographs of men and women together, things seemed to change again. The men and women were giving off different messages when they were together.This isn’t how it is—it is how I see it. I think these photographs will be more of a personal statement than a message. My updated site is up now and  you can check it out at www.dsaxe.com