A few years ago I was in Las Vegas for a few days. There was nothing going on (strange eh?) at the moment so I got in my rental and hit the road. What I realized was that heading southwest, I ended up on the fabled route 66 or what is left of it. It now consists of mostly abandoned  gas stations, motels and diners. They have been deserted for many years and only their ghostly shadows now remain. This place where I stopped was a sort of museum which consisted of stuff collected in the desert over the past 50 years. there was an old rusty Packard, some railway cars, mining equipment and a very kindly old lady who showed me around. I also met a retired train engineer from Canada who was really excited about the old railway cars.  I hung around for an hour or so and took pictures of the stuff, the dog and the old lady who was really very sweet. America is funny sometimes, because they have this incredible fascination with wealth and money but when you look beneath the surface you are surprised to find some truth and honesty instead of all the bullshit above. They have a fascination with their history and certainly respect it.

That is what taking pictures is all about sometimes—it is strictly mining.

I was assembling some images for a competition and this one did not make the cut so I included it it here. Hope you enjoy.