Did I ever mention that I love going to State Fairs? When I was a kid in Montreal, the closest I could come to this was Belmont Park but it wasn’t quite  the same. Belmont Park was only an amusement park and nothing else. State fairs are exhibitions, education (sort of) and amusement parks all rolled up together. The one here in Florida is huge and I always make it a point to go there each January. I also go to the one in Vermont but it is very small compared to this one and the carneys there really don’t like being photographed. Its as if they were “wanted” or something. The ones here are friendlier and more easy going (after all this is the south). As I walk by they wave, or engage me in a conversation if things are slow. I love the freak show parts but it just occurred to me that I should go into them once in a while. The Snake Woman, The Miniature Horse, The Two-foot Woman, and at least the Baby with Two Heads— after all its only 50 cents.

Maybe next year.

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Lately, I have been fascinated with photographing at night. I am not sure where it came from. Sometimes I am not sure of anything but it seems I always had a bit of a disapointment overtake me when the sun sets. I reluctantly found myself putting away my camera at times when I felt I was just getting warmed up. High speed black and white films were my salvation and I embraced this new theme with a passion. Nowadays, I never go anywhere at night without my camera.

I try do not let the lack of light affect my vision or change my style. I am attracted to the same things that interest my during the daytime. This results in a lot of wasted poorly exposed, blurred shots on my contact sheets but the results sometimes surprise me. I am actually getting used to it. This picture was from the Champlain Valley State Fair in Vermont. I like hanging out here because the food is bad, the people are real and the atmosphere is alive. If I were a better writer, I would describe it in more detail but alas, I am severely limited in this area.