It was a wonderful hotel. It was situated on a cliff, just outside of the medieval town of Tropea in Southern Italy. The season was over and we were the only guests in this small hotel consisting of 6 rooms. It was located at the end of a long 500 meter alley off the main road next to a church and when we arrived, of course a wedding was going on because in Italy, there is always a wedding going on. The guests cars were blocking the entrance to the hotel so we had to wait until everybody had checked out before we could check in.

In any case we were alone in this place. Breakfast was included and we would have it on a terrace overlooking the sea. On the first morning, as I was sipping my coffee, I walked over to the edge of the terrace and peeked over. There was a narrow pool cut into the hill overlooking the sea. In the pool was the owner of the hotel swimming naked and enjoying the morning. I snapped one or two and left him alone after that. In a few moments he walked by in his robe and said “Buongiorno”. That was it.

I just love the angles in this shot