Every year around this time, I head south (about 60 miles) to Miami for Carnival on the Mile in Coral Gables. I sit in the sun, drink beer and listen to some Salsa and Blues at Carnival. This is actually a two-week affair because next week I will be doing it all over again for Caille Ocho which is a Cuban street festival in little Havana. Again I will sit in the sun, listen to salsa and drink beer. Actually I will not be sitting because with one million screaming festival-gowers jumping up and down, finding a place to sit is a bit difficult. In any case yesterday was a warm-up.

I love Miami, Sometimes I wonder why I live in West Palm Beach but that is the story of my lifeā€”or anyone else’s for that matter. We always wish were someplace else. I shouldn’t complain though, I am slowly beginning to deal with this issue. As I get a bit older, I am more complacent and eventually I will get to be somewhere else so really it is all about patience. And best of all, wherever it is that I end up I will probably be drinking a beer.