This one is for all you guys out there. Do you ever read what schmucks scrawl on the wall in front of urinals? I do. It helps pass the time but what I cannot figure out is why people stop what they came into this place to do, reach into their pockets and take out a pen to write all this shit. Of course sometimes it can be a bit funny but most of it is classified simply as the “lament of the forgotten male”. I had never been in a ladies bathroom but I can be certain they are not like this. Of course this was in a very sleazy dive in New Orleans so who knows.However,  I am curious.

Probably somewhere, some place some “academic” photographer is already working on a series of theses images. When you work on a series, you are trying to tell a story, but really, there is no story here. Its only a single image and if anyone thinks that people will be interested in looking at lots (a series) of these pictures , I would simply classify you in the same space as the guys with the ballpoint pens next to their penis.