A Quick English Lesson

For the past few months, I have been tracking the visits to this blog and my web site (www.dsaxe.com) using a neat little utility called Statcounter. It tells me who has visited my site, where they came from where they went to and how long they visited. It also tells me what search criteria they used to visit me. The results were quite surprising as I found out that about half the visits were from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Egypt and elsewhere in the middle east.

A quick look at their search criteria gave me some clues. They were all searching in google for the word “Saxe”. It wasn’t a quick stretch to figure out that they were in search of porn sites and were confusing my name (Saxe) with the word “sex”. (Although most of them quickly move on after discovering their error, a few of them linger on and explore my blog in more detail, and I appreciate that.)

Not only do these guys have to get laid more often but they also have to improve their English if they want to surf the web for porn sites. So here is my message:

Anyone searching this site for porn or sex, you have come to the wrong place. What you really need to do is to google the following words:


This should get you to the right place. Good luck.

P.S. I have a feeling that by my using these words, increased traffic will result because the search engines will direct them here. Only time will tell.

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